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Big rocks are no problem!

Breaking rocks doesn't have to be hard!

Whether you are digging a foundation for your dream home or you were hoping to open a business on a plot of land, the last thing you want is for your construction to be slowed down by unexpected rock formations. Chad Queen Contracting Services' crews have the experience to quickly remove any rocks on your lot.

Our heavy machinery gets the job done

-  Rock breaking service

-  Rock removal

-  Digging through rock

-  Concrete demolition

-  Flexible scheduling

-  Full prepped work site

-  Land clearing

-  Excavating services

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Get the most use out of your lot

With our excavating, land clearing, and rock breaking services, you'll be able to develop your land to perfectly suit your purposes. Just let our reliable crews know what they need to do, and it's as good as done!

Non-explosive rock removal - we handle all rock removal with specialized tools!

Flexible scheduling!

Rock breaking on your timeframe!

Now that the rocks are out of the way, let us continue to help! Our team of experts has a wide knowledge / skill base and can help you with every aspect of the construction process.